Technology Risk Management

Understanding and balancing risk is essential to any business venture; the use of technology and data inevitably introduces unique challenges, which is why it is critical to have a clear understanding of risk and to use a methodical approach to managing technology risks.  The overwhelming amount of information and technology, the ever-changing risk landscape, and inconsistent communication all make it difficult for organizations to evaluate risk.  The result is that many organizations operate with risk levels far higher than is generally understood or acceptable to leadership.

EAmmune’s technology risk management discipline focuses on the main components that drive information security leadership. By identifying and prioritizing business risks resulting from data collection and technology use, and evaluating security controls protecting information assets, we provide meaningful guidance on addressing important risks in the most efficient manner.

Our risk management process communicates risk information at a business level to help the executive team plan and allocate resources efficiently. The process simultaneously creates a powerful tool for structuring information security programs and guiding technical teams with detailed analysis and recommendations.

Benefits of EAmmune’s risk management approach:

  • Help manage the ever-changing risk landscape, especially in cloud environments where the pace of change is extremely rapid.
  • Translate risk management into an executive-level tool for technology strategy and information security program management.
  • Characterize collected and stored data, and help executives evaluate the associated risks.
  • Focus information security and related technology investments in areas where they are the most critical and can deliver the greatest value.
  • Scope and focus security programs to protect critical assets, rather than attempting to protect everything with equal vigor.