Information Security Strategy and Program Management

Planning, structuring, and implementing information security programs is the core responsibility of security program managers, yet this role is often underemphasized.  This leads to poor executive visibility, an emphasis on technology rather than risk management, skill gaps, and a lack of long term planning which can interfere with organizational objectives or lead to inconsistent security.

EAmmune works with stakeholders to identify business-driven short term needs, establish long term goals, and develop an organizational information security strategy.  We help integrate information technology risks into organizational strategies, while designing a security program that provides predictable results and manages risk. Converting this strategy into meaningful security is the primary objective of our program managers, and is a critical component of the program.

Program management requires directly engaging teams to facilitate technology implementations while simultaneously engaging with leadership to align the program with organizational objectives. Meanwhile, internal security personnel are highly valuable, and competition with other objectives often interferes with effective program management. This is why most organizations can benefit from engaging outside resources with specific expertise in implementing these complex programs on-time.  

EAmmune’s security program management services are specifically designed to ensure the success of information security initiatives.  We assist organizations in designing and implementing new security programs, maintaining and improving existing programs, and support existing security and operations personnel by providing additional program management resources.  Whether it’s the design of a new security architecture, a compliance or audit program, a secure development methodology, or an incident response process, we help our clients avoid common pitfalls and implement solutions best suited to their needs.

Key benefits of EAmmune’s program management services:

  • Develop both short term goals and a long term roadmap for security, to ensure that resource commitments are in pursuit of a tangible end goal.
  • Manage the ever changing legal, compliance, and regulatory landscape without dedicating internal resources and give insight into a company’s legal and regulatory compliance obligations.
  • Develop consistent security objectives and vision rather than focusing on technology and point solutions.
  • Allow critical personnel to focus on internal challenges and company growth, rather than the security and compliance landscape.
  • Make information security more efficient, reducing costs and deriving more value for a given investment; this can deliver a more effective security program at reduced cost.